Friday, March 28, 2008

Lost In the Desert

El Alacran- collage with orginal arcylic
Lost in the desert

wandering aimless and free.

Can you really be lost?

when there is no where you have to be.

Oh the bliss of being free

where nothing is the same.

No bills to pay,

no promises or clocks to keep

and no one knows your name.

A stranger to everyman ,and no one in a crowd

lost in the desert where the silence is so loud.

Your senses change its true ,like the blind can hear

I'll whisper the truth to you, oh to be lost

in the desert again, under the sleeping beauty sky.

Oh to be lost and nameless in the desert

only you and I.

1 comment:

K S Hart said...

This, I like, especially the stark imagery. I'm a sucker for deserts, too, and this piece does a good job of capturing the magical solitude of the desert.