Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gulf Coast Heat Wave

Its is so hot heat index of 104 at present - 23 days plus with no rain- our little friends are getting cool comfort where they can find it - which means wallowing in my potted gardenia- passing out tiny tropical drinks with wee umbrellas at present

Friday, June 26, 2009

Astral Projection

Last night
I dreamed you
asked me to go
to Peru
All condors and bone whistles
Ribbons and bowler hats
I could feel your
breath on my neck as
you whispered
Machu Picchu
I dreamed of flying
with hummingbird wings
over the mysteries of Nazca
Yes, yes
with you
the answer will always be

One of my most favorite places on this earth

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Teenaged Wall Art

Much has been stated about Miss Fawcetts Iconic poster- loved and adored by an entire generation of American males. Design Boner blogged about her love of Cory Haim and his poster. Here's what this girl had on her teen aged bedroom walls- That's right I was in love with Misha- oh so soulful- oh so sexy- and RUSSIAN- His ABT posters went with me to college adorn my dorm. Friends would often mistake him for my boyfriend- oh my I knew I was hopelessly in love then.


1. this wonderful heart in my hand- made by my son many

many moons ago - made with love - glitter- and an

emerging mastery of scissors- I keep it in front of

my work area- to remind me of that long ago

Valentines' Day - and the pride on his face when

he gave it to me "I made it myself" of the things

I would grab when leaving a burning house.

2. Iced Coffee

3. making my backyard an animal habitat- my sister and I

were actually discussing if the birds appreciated the ice cubes

in the bird bath or not - it's been 104 degrees here on the

third coast.

4. Trips to the book store- to recycle books I have finished and

find new treasures. God Bless Half Priced Books

5. Writing more- my muse has returned- when it flows it flows

and when its gone I wonder if that feeling will ever come back.

What are you loving today?

Monday, June 22, 2009


My left hand

paints and writes

My right hand types

My left hand cradles the baby

My right hand folds the laundry

My left hand longs for time

My right hand wears the watch

The left hand itches for a road trip

The right hand makes sure the oil is changed

There is a concept

that states

some fully left sided individuals

have absorbed a mirror twin

I think this is true

and somewhere

braided within

I have that hidden twin

reminding me

What's right

when my left hand keeps me

dreaming all night

of choices, clouds and lonesome desert highways

My left hand holds the secrets of my heart

while my right hand reaches out to strangers

Sunday, June 21, 2009

If I were you

If I were you,
I would run.
If I were you,
I would slip out of my skin
and give up now.
If I were you,
I would hold my heart
up to my ear and
listen very carefully.
And I'll tell you

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A whisper

So is your shadow alive and well
thinking of the last time
I saw it fall
across my door
So long since
I've heard your shoes
sing up my steps
So summers here
and I'm thinking of
your mouth
filling mine with
stars and smoke
up in the mountains

Happy Solstice

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gone with the Wind - the First time

In about 1972 or so ( I was in the 7th grade) they did a big reissue release of GWTW- my mother god rest her soul who created the old movie maniac I am now - told me we were going to do something special the next day- I DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL- instead my mother made popcorn and placed it in two brown paper bags - and made grape Kool Aide in mason jars- my mother carried a purse so large you could smuggle small children in it- she placed these items, and a purse packet of Kleenex for each of us ( stating we would need them later) into said voluminous purse - and away we went - To the new Westminister mall Twin Theatres- wow - back in the day when two theatres were a new fangled thing- we saw GWTW- and I saw my mother cry for the first time - I mean really sob- right before the intermission- when Scarlet declares she'll never be hungry again- so this was like a huge rite of passage to womanhood for me- like a club my mom and i were in - smuggled snax- cutting school to go to the movies- oh and what lessons we learn from that film itself- I knew I would way rather be Scarlet than that little mealy mouthed Melanie any day, motherhood isn't all its cracked up to be and having a baby could damn near kill you- falling for the Bad Boy could only bring heartache- and an abiding deep southern distaste for Yankee boys. To this day I cannot taste grape koolaide with out thinking of my Mom- and the Fall of the South revealed to me on a hot spring day. The next day my mother who had sworn me to secrecy with my Dad wrote my note for school - in her beautiful handwriting it simply stated' " Please excuse JoDee from school yesterday , she had important Family business to attend to "- indeed some things are more important than school. I wish I had that note , and some days I really miss my mom.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Open Road

Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the First Woman to drive across the country- Alice Huyler Ramsey - aged 22 - set out with three other women from Hackensack N.J and 41 days later they arrived in San Fransico. Alice was the only one who drove of the three- I love to drive and driving to the coast - where the ribbon of asphalt unravels into the sea - is a feeling I can hardly describe - a sentimental and complete end. Like a horse that has run to the end of the pasture- and must turn back for home. Women in the Middle East are still not allowed to drive-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It was 20 years ago today

I still can't believe that 20 years as passed since I held my breath and watched as tanks crushed the voice of a generation of protest in China- Yet we still hold most favored nation trade status with this country- I remember holding my son and watching the news - not believing till the last minute they would run over that mothers son- there is still no accurate record of how many were killed - due to news black outs- which are the same today- no news- no network connections - no web access- When one is oppressed we all are-

Also please keep Current news reporter Laura Ling in your thoughts today- she has been held since March in North Korea- and is facing trial today- if found guilty of spying she faces 10 years in a labor camp - Laura and her partner insist they were not aware they were in North Korea when arrested- They were reoporting on refugees being taken into China for human trafficking I watched. Lisa report on the Narcotrafficante wars on the Border with fearless dedication - don't let another voice for truth be silenced -


I love Having music in my life - and miss so very much my friends in Denver that gave me the great pleasure of having live music in my life and my home.

Old Crow Medicine show - loving this band for some time now they are just young'uns but are so good its scary

The Gardenia in my yard - although In my mind she sounds like a fussy Southern Belle- " When Y'all gonna give a little watah sugah?" the scent is mind bending

And the signs of spring moving quickly into summer here

Watching my son in the surf off Galveston- going further and further out - and realizing this is the metaphor for parenting - they grow and splash out into the rough wild world- and you hope you give them the strength to keep the shore in sight and make their way back to it