Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. this wonderful heart in my hand- made by my son many

many moons ago - made with love - glitter- and an

emerging mastery of scissors- I keep it in front of

my work area- to remind me of that long ago

Valentines' Day - and the pride on his face when

he gave it to me "I made it myself" of the things

I would grab when leaving a burning house.

2. Iced Coffee

3. making my backyard an animal habitat- my sister and I

were actually discussing if the birds appreciated the ice cubes

in the bird bath or not - it's been 104 degrees here on the

third coast.

4. Trips to the book store- to recycle books I have finished and

find new treasures. God Bless Half Priced Books

5. Writing more- my muse has returned- when it flows it flows

and when its gone I wonder if that feeling will ever come back.

What are you loving today?

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