Thursday, June 4, 2009

It was 20 years ago today

I still can't believe that 20 years as passed since I held my breath and watched as tanks crushed the voice of a generation of protest in China- Yet we still hold most favored nation trade status with this country- I remember holding my son and watching the news - not believing till the last minute they would run over that mothers son- there is still no accurate record of how many were killed - due to news black outs- which are the same today- no news- no network connections - no web access- When one is oppressed we all are-

Also please keep Current news reporter Laura Ling in your thoughts today- she has been held since March in North Korea- and is facing trial today- if found guilty of spying she faces 10 years in a labor camp - Laura and her partner insist they were not aware they were in North Korea when arrested- They were reoporting on refugees being taken into China for human trafficking I watched. Lisa report on the Narcotrafficante wars on the Border with fearless dedication - don't let another voice for truth be silenced -

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