Saturday, April 19, 2008

Soldier Boy

So I'm waiting at the gate
for the dawn to unlock
the cold gray sky
The guards are always late.

The gravel faced doctor
shrugs his shoulders.
They never have much to say,
down here at the old V.A.

Grandpas' hair is white now
all soft like new snow.
His legs shake, he turns to go
as he wipes the touch of their
careless hands away.

The young men with empty eyes
are waiting mute and lame
even'tho they're here now,
they'll never be home again.

Faithfully families wait,
'cause that's what families do,
but who can mend all the broken soldiers?
Brave hearts, strong, and true.
Just boys most of them,
now all the warrin's through.

Empty eyed boys, their bodies,
half -blown away.
A young wife sits beside him,
a baby on the way.
Now they're down here fightin' for treatment,
and overdue back pay.
We pretend not to hear them,
down at the old V.A.

They went full of hope and freedom,
to settle up, a score to pay.
They left their souls behind them
on a battle field far away.
We don't hear them cryin',
down at the old V.A.

So tell me Mr. Senator,
what ya' gonna do?
How ya 'gonna treat all the soldier boys,
now their war is through?

So come on down here,
and wait with me a while
watch the burned faces try to
learn to smile.
Listen to the echos as the mothers cry
in dismay.
Come spend a little time sir,
down here at the old V.A.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, and yes. I appreciate that your writing takes on such issues. "True" issues. We are both daughters of veterans and know that they give far more than they will ever get back. I would like to see the quoted and posed as a question to our presidential candidates during a debate.--Tish