Monday, November 17, 2008

Garage Sale

I stopped at the sign at the end of the road,
The items scattered as if they had been thrown
out in a fit.
The things we keep and the things we leave behind.
Reminders we keep to say , I was there , this is me, this is mine.
Belongings- lost by love
or some other force of nature.
Laying in the rain
In front of the sad house
The empty chair, the warping books, the houseplants
all tamed by some others hands-
not mine-
I can't afford any more memories today.

1 comment:

Ric said...

I do like this very much. So much life lived, pages of a diary strewn on the lawn. Few years ago I bought a bunch vinyl pressed music. When I got home and opened the CSNY Deja vu album it was full of seeds from a past piece of life lived.