Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time Travel

I love the New Year- we all stop to observe that change
the letting go of one and grasping the other
That tick, that sweep, that observance of the smallest moment
We count down the seconds- cheers, glitter, and kisses shower down.
In the next 52 to weeks I resolve to:
a) stress less- chances of this happening- approx 30%
b) Get my studio organized- chances of this happening- 45%
c) Face daily challenges with grace and less caffeine- hmmmm- maybe just more grace
d) Write/ Journal daily- chances of this resolution- desire 100%- outcome 30%
e) Not to seek comfort in food- I don't have much hope for the success of this one maybe just
more awareness- "Hi I'm JoDee- and I have chocolate issues"

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