Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Bollywood- I love Indian movies - the color - the music- it gives a view

into a place not too many folks have visited -yet soooo many people live,

it reminds me that certain things are universal - love- romance -tears -drama

Getting new music - I love getting new music - it takes me right back to being a teenager again the excitement and pleasure of hearing something new

Driving- anywhere anytime - my longest love affair has been with the road

Organic Souvenirs- rocks, shells, pieces of drift wood, found objects, memories of being someplace, the day ,the journey, encased in the thing carried home.

The New Craft Movement- reminds me we all love the handmade and homemade, it is heavy with a sense of timelessness and rejection of the impersonal mass produced object- reduce-reuse-re-cycle -re purpose- rebel-

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